Laura Polence Band

Recent compositions and Latvian folksongs, voice, piano and synthesizer sounds create a special, colourful blend of musical and theatrical elements. It’s a way to talk about the complex simplicity and naive irony that the moments of our lives consist of.

August 38th (Improvisation Choir)

August 38th is a professional choir formed in Amsterdam on the 7th of September, 2019. The focus of this group is improvisation, exploring different possibilities in creating musical textures, atmospheres and stories by using the human voice. Their performance might make you laugh, cry, imagine colors, shapes, landscapes or remember your childhood dreams.

Twelve singers from various musical backgrounds and roots bring their unique expression and ideas together for a beautiful, adventurous and theatrical performance.

Trio Curare

This trio is an initiative of the Brazilian guitarist Rogerio Bicudo. He has lived in Amsterdam for more than 30 years and looking at the canals outside his living room. But he is still pure samba and an embassador of fine sounding, creative Brazilian music in the Netherlands.

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Kaja Draksler Octet